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In our current situation we are unable to offer hands on services, however we can support our clients with home care programs and tailoring product packages and treatments for them to carry out under our guidance.

One of the key factors of doing this successfully and safely is consultation. This has to be done remotely and I have put together some steps for consultation and analysis with tips. Our consultation form is available to download here Carrying out remote skin consultation As we are unable to use our usual tools and steps for consultation and analysis it is important to ask questions and rely on our clients to give feedback.

step I

Ask them how they are coping during the lockdown process. At this time many of us are experiencing elevated stress levels and poor sleep patterns. When we are stressed our bodies do not function well, the skin receives less nutrients and inflammation is increased leading to issues such as irritation, breakout and dehydration. Our digestive system is under strain. Suggest to avoid triggers such as alcohol, sugar and to increase intake of fresh vegetables, healthy carbohydrates, proteins and to follow a healthy varied diet. It could be helpful to recommend; • relaxation techniques such as guided meditations, to help promote better sleep also self help and motivational programs for a healthy mindset. • some form of regular excercise, psychologically and physically this helps as circulation is improved, metabolism is better and endorphins produced help us feel better. • increase or maintain a good water intake to avoid dehydration and flush the system. • posting healthy diet tips and recipes can stimulate your followers to make small changes. During your consultation you can refer them to your own page if you have posted tips and articles. Or offer to send articles or links.

step II

Visual via video call & discussion regarding current skin condition.

Visually it can be much more difficult via video call than in person. It can help to ask them prior to your consultation to organise an area where they won't be disturbed, they have good light and the device using close enough that you can help them visually if possible.

Your client should have thoroughly cleansed skin and skin should be free from product or any make up.

Most of our clients requiring our support in this time will likely have been to us for a period of time, we may be familiar with their skin type and general issues, however many people have experienced significant changes over the past few months.

In case of new clients establish skin type


Skin feels tight after cleansing, irritation is common due to impaired barrier function. People with this skin type often express frustration that skin appears dull, ageing signs more evident, it is as if no moisturiser is sufficient.

To maintain a healthy skin with this skin type, hydration plus high lipids is essential.


Skin feels greasy even after cleansing. Acne is more common, pores are often appearing enlarged and there is often congestion.

To maintain healthy skin this skin type requires sebum balancing ingredients, it is important not to over exfoliate as this stimulates more sebum production and whilst clien this with this skin type are more likely to not want to use hydrators, the use of nutrients and hydration is important.


The most common type, areas of the face and body will be prone to excess sebum, congestion and breakouts. Other areas will be normal or show signs of dryness and irritation such as cheeks and upper forehead.

To maintain healthy skin it will likely be necessary to treat each area of concern with multiple products and take an multi step approach regarding treatments.


Is neither dry or oily, without sensitivity or concerns. This skin type is largely requiring programs to maintain their healthy skin and prevention.

It is also important to establish photo type. Our photo type is decided by the amount of melanin we produce when exposed to UV, the amount of melanin present in our skin.

Photo types 1 - 2 fair, more subject to damage. Will burn and seldom if ever tan. Freckles and lighter skin, hair and eye colour are characteristic.

Photo types 3 - 4 medium, still susceptible to damage but will tan moderately (3) to high (4). Medium skin tones, hair and eyes can be lighter but more commonly darker.

Photo types 5 - 6 dark, can be susceptible to UV damage but less likely. Will tan deeply very easily and skin is naturally darker without UV exposure, hair and eyes generally dark.

This category requires care with product ingredients and treatments. Much more likely to suffer with post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

step III

Establish areas of concern

Each skin type can have multiple concerns, some are more common in certain types.

• establish concerns

• discuss the causes of concerns

• encourage the client to feel skin and describe to you. Feeling the texture and elasticity alongside tools such as measuring hydration, woods lamp and magnifyer are key along with visual during our standard consult and analysis.


This is a skin concern rather than a type. Broken capillaries from impaired barrier and weak skin function, redness and inflammation from rosacea or allergies. Whilst we can establish whether this is a skin type issue, or internal for example a dry, thin skin that requires

Or an oily/combination type that has acne or issue with rosacea.

Questions to ask, is it worsened by heat or cold? do you suffer from allergies.? How is your diet? Alcohol intake and diet influence greatly, especially with rosacea. If they have not disclosed any conditions on consult form then additional questions can help us understand more.


Dark patches

Light patches

Can be in the following categories;

hormonal melasma, internal action is required, to inderstand whether transitory, ie: post pregnancy or caused by menopause or a condition is important before carrying out treatments or programs for skin care.

UV induced sun damage, can be more superficial, easier to treat and prevention alongside effective products and treatments is key.

inflammatory post inflammation hyperpigmentation / hypopigmentation

Pigmentation issues can be either an over production of melanin, or damaged melanin behaving erratically, hyperpigmentation or a lack of melanin, white spots, hypopigmentation, common in UV induced damage.

ageing can be caused by external and or internal factors


Lack of elasticity

Pigmentation issues

Poor circulation

Enlarged pores

Dull, lacklustre skin



Expression lines









Excess sebum


Often acne, particularly when severe or prolonged results in scarring and post inflammatory hyper or hypo pigmentation. The former is particularly common for darker skin types and worsens with UV exposure.

step IV

Suggested program and products.

Our products are created to offer simple solutions that get results. Often they have a multi function; for example, exfoliate cleanse can be used as a daily cleanser or can be left on the skin for a few minutes to stimulate cell turnover, remove dead skin cells and relieve congestion.

We have 4 home care package kits available

treatment kit - antioxidant

home treatment Kit for stressed, dull or ageing skin Suitable for dehydrated skins, ageing concerns, pigmentation.

treatment kit - microneedling

home roller treatment kit Suitable for dehydrated skins, ageing concerns, pigmentation, excess sebum, to enhance product absorbtion.

treatment kit - problematic

home treatment kit for problematic skin, breakouts & excessive sebum Suitable for oilier skins, breakout, dehydration, pigmentation, ageing concerns

home facial massage kit

home treatment kit with rose quartz massage stone Suitable for all skin types

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